Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Gift

One of my friends, who I have known since 1st grade, just had a baby boy this past weekend. So my mom and I sewed up some stuff to send her way.

Here is the whole set laid out: a baby quilt (sewn by mom), a tote bag (also mom), and 3 onesies a burp cloths (me!).
My friend and her husband are into animals so I decided to do all animal onesies this time around. My go to onesie for boys (and one of my faves anyways), the whale:

A zebra (this one does not actually match the quilt fabrics but I included it b/c the baby's room has zebra stripes on the wall and I just happened to have some fabric left over from the chest I refinished awhile back & from the dress I added fabric too--this is now one of my favorites):

And a duck (because my friend's husband gave her a pet duck years ago!):

And here is the beautiful quilt my mom sewed. I still need to attempt to do a quilt sometime soon but just have not found the time yet. I love that my mom uses a pre-quilted solid fabric for the back and just sews it together like a regular blanket. Much faster than doing the actually quilting and it looks great too!

This is on it's way so I hope she ends up liking it!

1 comment:

  1. she will love it! so nice of you guys to put together this whole set for her. are they still in Ft. Worth?


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