Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nursery/Guest Room

Finally kind of got our nursery/guest room together.  Yes, we are not getting rid of our guest room which really only is used for 1 set of guests - my hubby's parents.  Baby boy does not need his own room for awhile as he can easily stay in our room when necessary.

It's not completely done (still one naked wall and a pink pillow that needs to be recovered) but it looks so much better.  I really stink at before photos...I would blame it on the pregnancy but I know that is not why I don't take them.  I just forget and get excited and jump right in without thinking about the fact that people like before/after photos.  I know I do.

Anyways, here is the crib shot with the letter paintings I made (all paintings in this room were previous paintings I had done -  after them hanging in our house for 5+ years, it was time for a change so I did not mind painting over them).

Bedding is Dwellstudio for Target (I love DS stuff..too cute) and crib is our old one we used for Ava 4 yrs ago.
Close up (or closer) of the paintings before they were hung.  I did each letter in a different font using the colors in the baby bedding.  Although the pictures make it hard to see, each one is distressed a bit and has cracks/stain on it.  I covered each canvas in newspaper strips and mod podge, then painted, sanded, applied crackle paint, and applied stain for the look.  I kind of like that they are not perfect.  The photos really don't do these justice. 
 Shot of the guest bed and new curtains (darn wrinkles won't come out...anyone know how to get wrinkles out of twill/acrylic backed curtains?  can't wash them and the iron did nothing).  The painting above the bed used to be of 2 girls dancing on a red background but I whipped out a quick color block painting to tie the bedding colors of the guest bed to the new baby bedding.
 Close up of painting.  Seriously this thing took like 30 minutes for me to make and I actually really like how it turned out.
 And a shot of the room looking from guest bed out.  This painting was inspired by one I saw on the blog How About Orange.  She had painted this for her living room (in different colors and in a more professional way) and I thought it was so cool that I made my own version.  Again I distressed it a bit so the colors would be a bit more muted and match better with everything in the room.
Other than these changes, we just bought a cubicle system for inside the closet (you know the kind with canvas bins...we got ours in light green, khaki and chocolate) and put some baskets on the shelves in there to hold all the baby essentials (diapers, wipes, blankets & burp cloths).

Friday, February 11, 2011


So I did another order for a friend of a friend.  I took a break from sewing stuff for my own kids (who are we kidding, I have been procrastinatin anyways) to make these onesie/burp cloth sets.  Sometimes it's just easier to make stuff for other people in a timely manner.

Just took photos of the appliques, they are all ones I have done before except the excavator which had to be resized for an infant onesie.

Giraffes (always a hit!)
 Construction equipment (bulldozers and an excavator)

For My Boy

Well the nesting period has definitely begun and I have been busy working on some projects for my soon-to-be born son.

First up, a onesie made from an old shirt of my husbands (wish I had taken a before photo but since I cut this shirt up a few months back, it was out of the question - basically this was a men's polo shirt with collar).  I used an old gerber onesie that I cut up for pattern pieces and then just cut out my pieces and sewed it up!  I think it is pretty cute and super cool that it used to be Darren's.   And then I made a pee pee teepee to match (no photo of that though).
 Then, I decided to make a nursing cover since I gave my old one away to my friend who had her baby in January. I was thinking I would not need one this time around but then realized it would be nice to have one around just in case.  I didn't want to ask for mine back (that would be rude!) so I used this super easy tutorial from Freshly Picked's blog.  Easy peasy and a good excuse to use a yard of fabric from my overly full sewing drawer.
2 items down and a few more to go!
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