Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Refinishing a Cedar Chest - Done!!

I finally finished the cedar chest I started oh so long ago (see here for a refresher). Here are the final pics.

It's red! With a brown glaze to accentuate the detailed molding. It was funny b/c when I first painted it, the color in the can looks hot pink and I was worried that somehow the oops paint I got was not red. But it dried into this nice dark red. Darren of course thinks it borders on Aggie maroon and was thrilled. Me, being a longhorn albeit a 2%er, was not thrilled with this being called "maroon" or "Aggie" anything. But I still like it!

Side view.
Inside! The front compartment was completely sanded down to nice cedar but the 2 back compartments had a felt of some sort that was glued in and looked old and grungy. So I bought some foam board, cut it to size, covered it in some upscale brown/white zebra print and voile! A modern and stylish cedar chest. Note: the main area below was untouched after the sanding and is just plain cedar. I could cover it with the same print but decided since it was the bulk of the storage that I would leave it alone.

And in case you were too lazy to click on my link above, here is the reminder of what the chest looked like (keep in mind this was already after some sanding...it looked nicer than this but was just not my style). This chest looks light years different from where it began.

The inside...see the felt! Ew! My father-in-law sanded off the glue in the front compartment thought but I still decided to cover it for aesthetic reasons.

One more thing knocked off my list! Strangely enough I really want to start looking into refinishing other stuff. Chairs and other things with cool shapes and molding. We'll see!

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