Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Birds on a Wire Painting

This weekend I finished up another painting for Ava's room. You remember the big blank wall space above her bed (here)? Well this "Birds on a Wire" mixed media painting is going there.

I used fabric, doilies, telephone book pages, paint, charcoal, and glue to make this. Here are some close ups of some of the birds.

And here it is in the room (right next to my big Pinkalicious painting -- notice how the colors coordinate? I love that you can do crazy bold colors in kid's rooms).
I thought I was done with her room (and I pretty much am) but have decided to fix some shadow boxes she has on the wall to make the more colorful and to add something to the entryway as it is a little dull too. But it is coming along!


  1. I love your colors in you painting...
    Very cute.

  2. I love this and think my son would to :) It's a very unisex craft which is great :)

  3. They are both just lovely! So bright, happy and bold- perfect for a kid's room! Great ideas!

  4. How creative! I love your paintings!!

  5. i like the painting a lot! i will try to make something like this to decorate my livingroom!

  6. Your paintings are awesome!!!I wish I could do that! What a lucky little girl to have that in her room!


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