Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Favorite Dress

So I finally bought a few patterns from one of my favorite bloggers out there and I am beyond excited with the finished results of the 1st attempt. Lil Blue Boo sells these really cool patterns for kid clothes made from old t-shirts. Great way to upcycle some of those beloved shirts that have either shrunk or been stained or that you just don't wear b/c they are a souvenir from vacation or whatever.

Here is the finished Tie Back/Halter dress:

I love that her patterns have alternate versions of the same dress. This one for instance, should be a halter dress but you can add loops in the back (like I did) to make it a tie back dress that gives additional support to the back.
Ava in her newest dress!

This also will look really cute over a tshirt and leggings when it gets cooler.

The next one I do from this pattern will have a ruffle at the bottom instead (because I think that way will be super cute)....just need to find the perfect shirts to make another one. Also need to hit up Goodwill for some old, cheap, cute shirts!
PS. I also bought 2 other patterns from her, a skirt and another dress that will work well for all weather as it can have short or long sleeves. I highly recommend her patterns...they are easy to use and have lots of pictures!

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