Wednesday, June 23, 2010


What is it with all the super short dresses lately? I mean, I like short dresses but recently the ones I try on are so short that you are afraid to move as you might expose yourself. I've bought a few of these to pair with leggings but seeing as it is 90+ degrees here, I don't always feel like wearing them.

So why I am talking all about this (other than to hear myself talk), you might ask? Well I was at Target today and found an adorable black dress for $7. Really cute, very flattering but SUPER short. I wavered back and forth about buying it. Finally I decided to buy it and to attempt to alter it by adding a solid color fabric to the bottom.

I quickly headed to my local fabric store to get a plain green (my favorite color!) cotton to add to it. While Ava napped, I quickly added about 4 inches to the dress thus making it wearable. What do you think? (sorry there is no before -- I forgot! but you can imagine this without the green at the bottom, right?)
I personally, am really happy I spent the $7 (plus the $5 for a yard of fabric of which I used only about 1/5 of). Finally a finished project for me!

P.S. That blue, half finished painting with the birds is the new artwork I am working on for Ava's room since the silhouettes I had planned to do turned into a disaster. Stay tuned for the finished product.

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