Friday, February 26, 2010

Twirly Dress

Ava has a thing for her "twirly" dress. I bought a pink dress on sale last year at Target and these days it is all she ever wants to put on. That or her brown and pink polka-dotted twirly dress. So 2 weeks ago, I took a look at it and thought, "I can make that." Essentially it is 3 gathered stripes of fabrics sewn to the bottom of a shirt.

So I found a toddler Hanes undershirt I had laying around as well as 3 coordinating scraps of fabric (that were long enough -- this was key). I took a look at the undershirt and it was not very girly so I added a casing in the armholes and elastic to scrunch them up and I turned down the collar and sewed it so it was a little more girly.

It turned out really cute and I am pretty proud of myself since I made this without a pattern! Can't wait to try this again with a more fitted tshirt for the top part but all in all, it is cute and more importantly, Ava has a new twirly dress that she loves!


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