Monday, April 23, 2012

Recent Projects

I knocked out a few quick projects recently.  First up, I made 2 sock bunnies based on this tutorial from LBB.

Pretty cute and so easy!  Putting them in the kiddos Easter basket.  Would love to have put button eyes on them, but since Ryan is so little, I decided both should just be embroidered.

 Then, since I promised Ava she would get a Daddy dress just like Ryan's Daddy shirt, I made her a simple tshirt dress that says "I Love Daddy" using Darren's old shirts. How fitting.  She of course loved it.  Just wish I had taken a better photo of it. But maybe I will try to take a photo of the kids in their Daddy duds together..couldn't manage to get one that day.


  1. This is awesome. Can I commission 2 for father's day?!!! It would totally make Anthony's day!

  2. Thanks Michelle! I'll email you if you really want me to make them for the boys.


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