Friday, January 21, 2011

More Kindle Sleeves

So I  just finished making some more Kindle sleeves.  This time I made one for myself and 2 of my friends.  Both ladies have watched my house, checked my mail and taken care of my cat when we have been out of town this past year and since both of them got Kindles for Christmas, I thought this would be the perfect way to say thanks.

Front of the sleeves

 My Kindle sleeve (front & back with pocket for power cord)
 Jen's sleeve (front & back)
 Dara's sleeve (front & back)
I will say that this time I had more of a problem sewing these as I used fleece that I had leftover from other projects for the lining instead of flannel.  As a result, the final layers were very thick and made it harder to keep everything lined up.  Lesson learned (let's just say I had to break out the trusty seam ripper a few times)!  Although the finished product is super cushy, I think I will stick to flannel for the lining next time.

Up next, some baby projects for my new little one (11 more weeks to go!) including the standard burp cloths but also a new nursing cover too (since I gave me other one to a friend).  Also, I am in the process of converting a few of Ava's old tank tops that are too short into cute tank dresses for Spring...can't wait to finish them and share!

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