Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Gifts

I can finally post all the Christmas gifts I made this year.  At the time it seemed like more, but really it only ended up being a few things.

First up, are the 2 Kindle sleeves I made for my mom and my mother-in-law.  If I only knew at the time that I was getting a Kindle, I could have made my own!  Guess that is my next project.

Front, closed view.  (I used fabric scraps I had to piece these together and I love the final funky result).

 Back view with pocket (diagonal line part is the pocket for the charging cord)
 Front, open view (I used plaid flannel and houndstooth flannel for the lining plus some fusible fleece for extra padding)
 Another view with Kindle inside
And finally, I made a big pile of baby stuff for my new nephew (who will be born in January sometime).  I made a few knit infant hats (from my husband's old shirts), 2 pairs of comfy baby pants (flannel & fleece) using this free pattern, and 2 onesies with matching burp cloths.  I also made 5 pee pee teepee knockoffs.  So simple to make!  Seriously took like 2 minutes a piece!  Guess I need to start making my new baby some of these so that when he comes in April we will be prepared.


  1. You have been busy making some precious precious things!!!
    Please add this to my linky party!

  2. I just featured your kindle covers on my blog as a favorite!


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