Sunday, January 3, 2010

Portrait of First Child

I've been a big believer in the handmade gift for many years now. Especially when it comes to my husband. A) He is hard to shop for. Like me, he buys what he wants and when he really wants something it tends to be expensive. B) His birthday sadly falls right after Christmas . He got the short end of the stick there as it is hard to come up with 1 gift idea let alone 2 ideas.

Having run out of things to make for him that have something to do with our daughter ( I commissioned a portrait of her for Father's Day one year, framed photos of her another, and made a storybook about the 2 of them), I turned to his other love, his first born dog, Smokey.

So this past summer I took photos of the dog outside and used this one:

in order to paint a portrait of him for D's birthday. Considering I am not a portrait artist, I thought it turned out well and of course, he loved it.

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