Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Idea!

Ok, it's not completely a new idea but rather an extension of something I already do. After talking to one of my sisters (Gabe) about projects I recently have done, we decided that I should start appliqueing tank tops and tshirts for toddlers. We came upon this great idea since neither of us currently has a baby AND (the best part) our girls could easily be the guinea pigs/models for these new shirts. Plus appliqueing is pretty easy and much faster than sewing up dresses all of the time!

I just recently completed a cupcake onesie which I think would be super cute on a toddler tank top. I love the mixed fabrics more than just one fabric alone and can envision doing ice cream cones with crazy prints and other fun shapes.
I did a dove onesie awhile back for my other sister's (Cortney's) baby and loved it and think it would be cute on a toddler shirt too. Any one have any other good ideas?? I have lots of scraps of fabrics left over from dresses, burp cloths etc. that would be great to use for these!

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